Sell your house fast - common sense tips that aren’t common knowledge

Placing your House for Sale:

If you’re placing your property on the market you’ll want to focus on maximising the value of your house, while minimising the time spent seeking for willing buyers.

Fortunately many of the efforts you put into maximising the value of your property will also help to sell your property faster.

Here’s what to do before you place your house up for sale:

Remember first impressions are important, so take a look at the exterior appearance of the property.

Fresh Paint – it may only take a couple of week-ends to paint the exterior of your house and/or walls but this effort definitely pays off.

Repairs – most buyers are looking to purchase a property they can feel proud to own and call home. Spend a little time and money to fix that cracked window, intercom or light. These small problems tend to create a lot of doubt in the buyers’ mind.

Garden – Plant flowers that are in season to add colour to the garden. Pot Plants and Flower Boxes are a great way to brighten up your house, and you’ll be able to take these plants with you when you move to your new house.

On show day:
On show day buy some fresh flowers, and in summer allow a lot of light and fresh air into your home. This creates a pleasant, relax atmosphere and helps to eliminate bad

In winter, a heater - or better still - a burning fireplace can add warmth.

Finally, you may love your pets but other people may take offence. If your pets are unruly find a way to contain them or remove them from the property while the house is on show.